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Anti-Piracy Rap

You know, this video has a point… I haven’t seen anyone playing Carmen San Diego or Oregon Trail in a while.

Spirited Debate

There’s a very long thread on the WordPress hackers mailing list right now.  If you’ve upgraded to a recent version of WordPress, you have probably noticed that you don’t have a “links” menu anymore, you’ve got a “blogroll.”  What the heck is a blogroll, you might ask.  Well, a blogroll (in this case) is a […]

Bacon Placemats


Tweeted at 6/08/07 7:47 pm

Now on the Hallmark Channel. Walker Texas Ranger vs bear.

Tweeted at 6/03/07 11:43 am

Landed at STL

Tweeted at 6/03/07 7:51 am

Waiting for our flight. Thank goodness for free airport WiFi.

Tweeted at 6/01/07 4:41 pm

The sign says “you may get wet,” but it is raining outside.

Tweeted at 6/01/07 4:41 pm

Standing in line for Maelstrom, the viking ride

Tweeted at 6/01/07 4:41 pm

Stuck in Mission: Space while they fix the thing

Tweeted at 6/01/07 3:20 pm

The guy behind me was on the cover of the new magazine American Jackass