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Woot + Seattle + Me = :D

Before this post, I had blogged once this year on this blog. That was an announcement that I was taking a job at a great web agency called The Loud Few.  At that time, I promised I would blog more and, while I haven’t kept that promise so far, here’s a second blog post for […]

Grammy MusicTech Summit

This afternoon, I participated in my first-ever panel at a conference.  Specifically the Seattle MusicTech Summit put on by the Grammy’s Recording Academy.  The panel was a lot of fun and my co-panelists were all really smart and I can only hope that my comments were as interesting to the crowd as theirs were to […]

Bizarro World, USA

Somehow, I’ve stumbled upon this strange bizarro world with no Walmarts.  The only Walmart we could find after an hour of searching (with a GPS, mind you) was marked as “Walmart Supercenter” on the GPS but turned out to be a “Walmart Neighborhood Market”.  I asked to no one in particular, “It’s Walmart, but the […]