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On Ashley Todd

Most people have heard of Ashley Todd by now.  A 20 year old volunteer for McCain’s campaign from Pittsburgh who claimed that a tall black man robbed her at an ATM then beat her and scratched a “B” (for Barack) into her face upon seeing the McCain bumper sticker on her car.  At first, conservative […]

Why PETA is harmful

Every year, thousands of cases of animal cruelty are reported.  It isn’t hard to imagine that there must be countless others that are never reported or are the result of legal practices, like factory farming or pet breeding mills.  There are organizations that help to combat these abuses in a responsible, reasonable way, like the […]

On Family Values

Republicans and conservatives have often claimed to be highly concerned with “family values”.  Apparently Sarah Palin’s definition of “family values” does not include “basic human decency”. In 1997, new mayor Sarah Palin fired Wasilla police chief Stambaugh. In his budget, he had included funds for rape kits so that the victims would not have to […]

Why I hate American politics

“This is the time that we take off our Republican hats and put on our American hats” – Cindy McCain at the RNC quoting John McCain (about 12:45 into this video) Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but if your political party affiliation ever comes before your duty to the country and to your […]

Concerning experience

The Republicans are making a big stink about Barack Obama’s lack of experience.  They seem to forget that he has more experience in politics than their beloved Ronald Reagan did when he became president. Before he was president, Reagan spent 8 years as the Governor of California.  He then took a break for two years […]