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New (kinda) mini posts

I’ve been drooling over the functionality provided by tumblelogs.  The idea of posting short little blurbs, quick videos, images, quotes… it’s like Twitter for people with slightly longer attention spans.  I thought about setting one up as several geeks of some standing in the web industry have done.  Then I realized, I already have a […]


Yesterday, I upgraded my blog to the new version of WordPress, 2.3. Despite my concerns about the major database changes, the upgrade was pulled off flawlessly. Users upgrading should be aware that your blog will look messed up until you run the database upgrade script by logging in to their administration section.

Updating WordPress with Subversion

For various reasons, I’ve decided to start updating my WordPress install with Subversion. The process is very simple and safe, if you follow some simple steps from your SSH or Telnet session. Note: you have to have Subversion installed on the server you’re trying to do this on. Try doing the first “svn…” command below […]


I’ve decided to give Twitter a try. I’m going to be using it for thoughts or links that don’t warrant a full blog post. You’ll be able to see these links on my twitter page or on my sidebar under “Thoughts and Links”. If you’re into twitter, you can add me as a friend or […]

What the heck is going on?

Recently there have been some problems with my blog not loading correctly. In addition to fixing that I’ve decided to do a whole mess of cleanup on my site. There were tons of folders and files that I was no longer using, but still existed in the web root. Now I’ve got an install of […]

New Gallery

I’ve got a new photo gallery up. You can view it here.