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The votes are in… Scooch sucks!

The people of Europe have scored the entries, and Scooch (of the UK) tied for second… second to last place.  They were only scored higher than Ireland who got a total of 5 out of 492 possible points. The winner was Serbia.  I couldn’t understand what the song was about as it wasn’t in English.  […]

Kilgore Trout will greet him in heaven

The New York Times is reporting that Kurt Vonnegut Jr. has died (so it goes) tonight (Wednesday) from brain injuries he suffered from a fall several weeks ago. I can’t believe that one of the funniest and most creative literary minds since Mark Twain is gone. Even though his books often dealt with the concept […]

The U2charist is spreading!

I suppose that Dublin is a pretty logical place for it to spread to. I’m going to petition my church to start doing these. Nothing like white people dancing to U2 music… for Jesus.

Verka Serdyuchka: Troublemaker

If you watched the Eurovision videos that I posted a few days ago, you probably saw the amazing hypnotic video from the Ukraine. It turns out that while Verka Serdyuchka won the contest to go on to Eurovision by a huge majority in the popular vote, not everyone in the Ukraine is pleased that this […]

TiVo to run Windows!

TiVo just announced that in the next week, they’ll begin pushing out a service update to existing TiVo boxes that will update them from running a customized version of Linux to running a special version of embedded Windows . This is very exciting news. Now my TiVo box can be as stable as my Windows-based […]


I’ve decided to give Twitter a try. I’m going to be using it for thoughts or links that don’t warrant a full blog post. You’ll be able to see these links on my twitter page or on my sidebar under “Thoughts and Links”. If you’re into twitter, you can add me as a friend or […]

Patriotism In Your Freezer Section

Today, at the Wal-mart in Vandalia, IL, I happened to notice that they had Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in the freezer section. Immediately, I looked for a certain flavor and was thrilled to see that they had the flavor I was hoping for… Finally, I can eat ice cream and feel fair and balanced […]

What the heck is going on?

Recently there have been some problems with my blog not loading correctly. In addition to fixing that I’ve decided to do a whole mess of cleanup on my site. There were tons of folders and files that I was no longer using, but still existed in the web root. Now I’ve got an install of […]

New Gallery

I’ve got a new photo gallery up. You can view it here.