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Breaking News!

Great, now we’re gonna have to call him Sir Bono.

Ivy is in the tubes!

Peter Jackson bites the hand that fed him

Here’s a tip kids, don’t sue the company that holds the film rights to a movie that you really want to do. Peter Jackson sued New Line Cinema because he wanted more money out of the profits for the Lord of the Rings, but apparently didn’t make any connection between that and being able to […]


Since Halloween is the season where we’re supposed to scare each other, I figured I should post a few more Jack Chick Tracts.  Nothing is scarier than those.  Take today’s tract for example.  It’s all about how Satan spends Halloween killing teenagers with a chainsaw. Boo!

Here, Kitty Kitty

Once again, Jack Chick presents us with a heartwarming story about some cute kids who decide to sacrifice a cat to the Dark Lord so that they can get better grades. Watch for the oh-so-subtle Christian message. Here, Kitty Kitty Personally, I think that cat looks like it needs to be put down.  They’re really […]

Taskbar Shuffle

This free little program is amazing.  It lets you click and drag items around on your Taskbar (for Windows only, obviously).  It has other cool features that you can turn on as well.   Check it out. Taskbar Shuffle

Email bouncing

If you have tried to send email to my main account, it has probably bounced. I just moved this domain to my new hosting service and my email address should be back in operation very soon.  In the mean time, try using my gmail account, if you have it.

John Hodgman and Jonathan Coulton… In Person!

Julie and I were lucky enough to be able to go see John Hodgman and Jonathan Coulton in person today.  We had to go all the way up to Chicago, but it was totally worth it. John Hodgman (who you have seen on The Daily Show and those Mac commercials) is not the “deranged know-it-all” […]

Digg Userscript

I just created a script for the Greasemonkey Firefox Extension for people using Digg.  I usually access Digg through my feed reader and don’t really care about the comments on Digg itself.  If you use their feeds, you have to go to their site and then click on through to the story itself.  This script […]

Weird Al’s “Don’t Download this Song”

Animator Bill Plimpton, whose work has been featured in both Animation Shows, did a really awesome video to this funny song.