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Happy Birthday, Ted

Today would be one hundred and third birthday of Theodore (Dr.) Seuss Geisel.  In memory, here’s a very funny site that my brother sent me called Dylan Hears a Who.

Suggest OpenID

Yahoo has just released a cool new feature. They’ve created Digg-like “suggestion boards” for the various Yahoo services. I’ve taken the liberty of suggestion that Yahoo should support the OpenID specification. If you go vote up my OpenID suggestion, maybe Yahoo will take notice. Also, you could Digg it.

Eagles are awesome!

Apparently a local interest show on a small St Louis station went to Alton, IL to do a piece on the bald eagles there. When the wireless mic crapped out and they lost most of the interviews, one of the guys at the station wrote a beautiful song based on the rough edit of the […]

Microsoft and OpenID

Microsoft is now backing the OpenID specification and says that they’ll integrate it (via Windows Cardspace) into their services.  I bet that there’s some rejoicing going on in the OpenID community now that they have the backing of both Microsoft and Verisign.  Two large players in online security.

Vista Uptime Update

I’m going to reboot my computer later today or tomorrow to apply an update that provides better compatibility with a bunch of applications.  40 days is a pretty good milestone to reach between reboots.

From McSweeney’s

The Americans Who Voted for George W. Bush Wish to Return Their Television.

The myth of the Vista upgrade

If you spend much time watching TV, you’ve probably seen one of the latest commercials in the factually-lacking series of the Mac vs PC commercials in which PC goes in for surgery. First off, I’m not sure why people are expecting Vista to run on 5 year old computers. I don’t think anyone would try […]

Face Transformations

A friend of mine sent me a link to a website that has a Java applet that lets you upload a photograph and do automatic transformations on a face. Not having a picture of myself handy, I uploaded one of Marlon Brando from Superman. Check the results out below. Face Transformer

Windows Vista is so unstable!

Wait, I meant the other thing… You know, where it stays up for a long time. Pictured below is the uptime widget for Windows Sidebar. In the time listed, my computer has seen heavy use and hasn’t been rebooted, put into suspend or hibernation.

Windows Sidebar Makes Me Productive

 I found a widget that displays a portion of any webpage, even a webcam…