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My Thoughts on Google Buzz

There is no shortage of discussion (pun avoided) on Google’s new built-into-Gmail social network.  For many people, today was the first day they were able to get in and play around with it.  Like Google Wave, most people weren’t sure how it would work or what to do with it.  Actually, Buzz seems to be […]

Grammy MusicTech Summit

This afternoon, I participated in my first-ever panel at a conference.  Specifically the Seattle MusicTech Summit put on by the Grammy’s Recording Academy.  The panel was a lot of fun and my co-panelists were all really smart and I can only hope that my comments were as interesting to the crowd as theirs were to […]

Moby Dick – The Aftermath

As you probably know, I have been tweeting the entire text of Moby Dick.  That’s right, the entire book, word-for-word, in 140 character (max) snippets.  Finding myself at the end of the book is a little strange.  It’s been there in my Twitter feed since I began late last July.  Now it’s over, so I […]

Autocompletion With Gears

After brainstorming with a co-worker about possible uses for the Google Gears (Google’s offline browser storage solution), I thought it would be cool if I could do an autocompletion field without making repetitive and expensive HTTP connections to an Ajax script on a server somewhere.  This would also slightly reduce load on a centralized database. […]

Updating WordPress with Subversion

For various reasons, I’ve decided to start updating my WordPress install with Subversion. The process is very simple and safe, if you follow some simple steps from your SSH or Telnet session. Note: you have to have Subversion installed on the server you’re trying to do this on. Try doing the first “svn…” command below […]

Is OpenOffice in trouble?

With Google’s announcement of an upcoming Powerpoint-esque web application, is there any reason I’d ever want to use OpenOffice? I value the collaboration and constant availability from any web-enabled computer much higher than I value being able to use a slightly clunky desktop application. As far as I’m concerned, Microsoft Office has Open Office beat […]

Monsters by Mail

In case you haven’t heard, my friend Len (of Jawbone Radio) has decided to draw up to 150 monsters based on adjectives suggested by his adoring public. For only $20, you can enter the adjective of your choice and Len will draw and color it by hand on a 4×6 postcard and send it to […]


I’ve decided to give Twitter a try. I’m going to be using it for thoughts or links that don’t warrant a full blog post. You’ll be able to see these links on my twitter page or on my sidebar under “Thoughts and Links”. If you’re into twitter, you can add me as a friend or […]

Web 3.0: Now More Hoaxy

Today, Michael posted a link to a Canadian blog who described one of the reasons that Web 3.0 will fail. I agree that greed and closed systems will cause the downfall of what has been coined as “Web 3.0”. There’s a more fundamental reason, though. “Web 2.0,” as a term, was coined after the movement […]

Goodbye Ars Technica

I am finally removing Ars Technica from my feed reader. The reason for this is pure and simple, incomplete articles in the RSS feed. In fact, they don’t even include a snippet. All they have is a one sentence abstract/teaser. It reminds me of TV news stations that have commercials that say, “Will your applesauce […]