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How to make your replacement hate you

If you are a programmer and are looking for ways to make your eventual replacement curse your name, here’s an inspired idea I just had.  This snippet is in PHP, but could be easily translated to other languages. <?php define("WIN", true); define("FAIL", false); ?> Just use those constants religiously everywhere in your code. No doubt, […]

SSH2 in PHP5

I just installed the PECL SSH2 library for PHP5 on one of my servers.  It works like a charm!  If you’ve got a Debian server, you can follow the directions at the link below to install it too. Make SSH connections with PHP

Web APIs

Today I found this list of 120 Web APIs. As you may know, I’ve enjoyed working on my PHP wrapper for the Flickr API. This list is very interesting and I’m going to have to go through it later when I have some more time. ProgrammableWeb: Web 2.0 API Reference

phpFlickr class 1.1 released

I just released a new version of my wrapper class for the Flickr API. You can get it at the Sourceforge project page. Now with caching goodness! I’m probably going to be bored this weekend and release a version 1.2.

phpFlickr class release

Last night, I put up my first SourceForge release ever. It’s a PHP class that acts as a client for Flickr’s API. I’m building a couple of toys that use the class to access Flickr information and photos. Here’s a photomosaic I used the class to create. For the class go to the SourceForge project […]

Photo galleries

I’ve successfully created my new photo galleries. It’s using a wordpress plugin by Ramon Darrow. The plugin (modified slightly by myself) accesses my flickr “sets” to create galleries. You can see all of my latest pictures there and I’ll be adding some of my older photos. I have 2gig of upstream bandwidth at flickr to […]