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Coulter’s First Law of Open Source

With an infinite number of code monkeys banging an an infinite number of keyboards, you will get an infinite number of DVD ripping programs… and no halfway decent way of using multiple monitors in Linux.

Is OpenOffice in trouble?

With Google’s announcement of an upcoming Powerpoint-esque web application, is there any reason I’d ever want to use OpenOffice? I value the collaboration and constant availability from any web-enabled computer much higher than I value being able to use a slightly clunky desktop application. As far as I’m concerned, Microsoft Office has Open Office beat […]

Training Today

Today, we’re getting trained for the new integrated portal system for the college.  I’m excited about getting started on it, but I’m not looking forward to spending two full days in training.

TiVo to run Windows!

TiVo just announced that in the next week, they’ll begin pushing out a service update to existing TiVo boxes that will update them from running a customized version of Linux to running a special version of embedded Windows . This is very exciting news. Now my TiVo box can be as stable as my Windows-based […]

Monsters by Mail

In case you haven’t heard, my friend Len (of Jawbone Radio) has decided to draw up to 150 monsters based on adjectives suggested by his adoring public. For only $20, you can enter the adjective of your choice and Len will draw and color it by hand on a 4×6 postcard and send it to […]


I’ve decided to give Twitter a try. I’m going to be using it for thoughts or links that don’t warrant a full blog post. You’ll be able to see these links on my twitter page or on my sidebar under “Thoughts and Links”. If you’re into twitter, you can add me as a friend or […]

Web 3.0: Now More Hoaxy

Today, Michael posted a link to a Canadian blog who described one of the reasons that Web 3.0 will fail. I agree that greed and closed systems will cause the downfall of what has been coined as “Web 3.0”. There’s a more fundamental reason, though. “Web 2.0,” as a term, was coined after the movement […]

Goodbye Ars Technica

I am finally removing Ars Technica from my feed reader. The reason for this is pure and simple, incomplete articles in the RSS feed. In fact, they don’t even include a snippet. All they have is a one sentence abstract/teaser. It reminds me of TV news stations that have commercials that say, “Will your applesauce […]

New Paul and Storm site

For a month or two, I’ve been working on creating a new site for the very funny comedic band Paul and Storm. I just made the new site live this weekend. Check it out! (Not all of their music is appropriate for younger folk, just a warning) Their site is based on WordPress (just […]

Web APIs

Today I found this list of 120 Web APIs. As you may know, I’ve enjoyed working on my PHP wrapper for the Flickr API. This list is very interesting and I’m going to have to go through it later when I have some more time. ProgrammableWeb: Web 2.0 API Reference