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My Thoughts on Google Buzz

There is no shortage of discussion (pun avoided) on Google’s new built-into-Gmail social network.  For many people, today was the first day they were able to get in and play around with it.  Like Google Wave, most people weren’t sure how it would work or what to do with it.  Actually, Buzz seems to be […]

Grammy MusicTech Summit

This afternoon, I participated in my first-ever panel at a conference.  Specifically the Seattle MusicTech Summit put on by the Grammy’s Recording Academy.  The panel was a lot of fun and my co-panelists were all really smart and I can only hope that my comments were as interesting to the crowd as theirs were to […]

Moby Dick – The Aftermath

As you probably know, I have been tweeting the entire text of Moby Dick.  That’s right, the entire book, word-for-word, in 140 character (max) snippets.  Finding myself at the end of the book is a little strange.  It’s been there in my Twitter feed since I began late last July.  Now it’s over, so I […]

Phishing Prose

Quoted here, in its entirety Subject: Your Account Was Banned From: Capossela Swanger This is a joke 🙂 Out the way they did if it wouldn’t be i met max had cut down one of the enemy in a skirmish with up. Rutherford was gone, and i may as well say prairie it is not […]

How to make your replacement hate you

If you are a programmer and are looking for ways to make your eventual replacement curse your name, here’s an inspired idea I just had.  This snippet is in PHP, but could be easily translated to other languages. <?php define("WIN", true); define("FAIL", false); ?> Just use those constants religiously everywhere in your code. No doubt, […]

An Epic Upgrade

Yesterday, at work, I realized that one of our main Linux servers desperately needed to be upgraded.  It was still running Sarge (Debian v3.1) which is so old that the package mirrors no longer support it.  Since Lenny is going to be released before too long and it has fewer bugs than the current stable […]

Thank a Plugin Developer Day

Today, the 4000th plugin was created on the official WordPress Plugin repository.  In recognition of this event, Matt Mullenweg has named January 28th “Thank a Plugin Developer Day“.  Thanks to everyone who has made the plugins that I find so useful!  If you’re one of the people who has downloaded one of my plugins, thanks […]

SSH2 in PHP5

I just installed the PECL SSH2 library for PHP5 on one of my servers.  It works like a charm!  If you’ve got a Debian server, you can follow the directions at the link below to install it too. Make SSH connections with PHP

Autocompletion With Gears

After brainstorming with a co-worker about possible uses for the Google Gears (Google’s offline browser storage solution), I thought it would be cool if I could do an autocompletion field without making repetitive and expensive HTTP connections to an Ajax script on a server somewhere.  This would also slightly reduce load on a centralized database. […]

Updating WordPress with Subversion

For various reasons, I’ve decided to start updating my WordPress install with Subversion. The process is very simple and safe, if you follow some simple steps from your SSH or Telnet session. Note: you have to have Subversion installed on the server you’re trying to do this on. Try doing the first “svn…” command below […]