Concerning experience

The Republicans are making a big stink about Barack Obama’s lack of experience.  They seem to forget that he has more experience in politics than their beloved Ronald Reagan did when he became president.

Before he was president, Reagan spent 8 years as the Governor of California.  He then took a break for two years before taking office as president.  Before he was governor?  Mostly acting.  He was president of the Screen Actors Guild for a few 1 year terms.  High qualifications to be president?  Maybe not.

Obama, on the other hand, spent 12 years teaching constitutional law at the University of Chicago.  Then he spent 11 years at a law firm specializing in civil rights and neighborhood economic development.  These times overlap with eachother slightly and also include his 7 years in the Illinois State Senate.  Now he is closing in on 4 years in the United States Senate.

I realize that people who harp on experience are only doing it because they think it will win them the election.  Here’s a tip: every other serious contender for the Democratic nomination also accused him of being inexperienced.  Look where that got them.

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