The first time I’ve really cared

I have never cared enough about an election to watch speeches at a convention.  Certainly not speeches by people who didn’t get the nomination, certainly not by the candidate for Vice President.  This is the first time I have seen a presidential candidate in my lifetime who I believed was running, not to secure power for his political party, but to secure a bright future for this country.  Can he do it?  I think he can.  The other guy isn’t interested in the job.

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  • Johnny Matthews says:

    Dan, having grown up republican, I must say that I have on many occasions fallen into the trap of disregarding anything a non-republican says. I watched the speech the other night and I have to say that I was genuinely impressed by it. In the past 3 elections I’ve voted in, it has not been hard to choose for me. but this time…hrm.

    Unfortunately in the past I’ve been under the assumption that all candidates are disingenuous, but like you have implied here, Obama does not come off that way. He seems to genuinely want to make things better (however idealistic that may be), and McCain seems like the same old type of politician. So that being said, you have to make a judgment call, is Obama sincere or is he putting on a really good act. I’m glad I still have a couple months to try to figure that out.

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