The Clone Wars

If you’ve glanced at Rotten Tomatoes this weekend, you might have seen the abysmal 18% that Star Wars: The Clone Wars has managed to receive.  This puts it slightly below The Crappening.  I have to say, this is one of the times that I totally disagree with the consensus that Rotten Tomatoes came to.

Some of the criticisms are valid.  It does have silly, Saturday morning humor.  Some of the criticisms are idiotic.  The characters don’t look realistic?  Did the humans in any of Pixar’s movies look realistic?  Did that make me love those movies less?  Pixar settled on a stylistic representation of people that it was comfortable with.  The Clone Wars has done the same thing.

And before I let you go, I would remind you that the last three theatrical installments of the Star Wars movies were huge crap fests.  Their dialog was cloying.  They took themselves seriously, yet they had humor that was a lot more idiotic than anything you’ll find in The Clone Wars (see R2-D2’s encounter with the battle droids at the beginning of Episode 3).  I think people have forgotten how bad the prequels were, and have failed to see how refreshing a silly little movie for kids can be if it doesn’t take itself seriously.

P.S. Can someone besides George Lucas be in charge of the Star Wars galaxy from now on?

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  • Johnny Matthews says:

    Dan, I really have to agree with you on this one. It had a story, It was very stylized, but I didn’t mind anywhere near as much as I thought I would and a not using certain people to voice several “main” characters was a very good idea.

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