Iron Man

At risk of sounding snooty… Iron Man has a third act problem. What was that problem? The writing team. Apparently the film had two writing teams, each working on different parts of the movie. The point at which the switch is made is heart breaking.

Most of the movie is funny, exciting, gritty, and badass. One of my favorite parts was the detail on the suit. I don’t know if the “stabilization surfaces” were mentioned in the comic books, but it was super cool to see little plates on the armor opening and closing as he’s flying.

Then, suddenly, the movie starts to suck. The villain starts doing his best evil scientist impression, Gwyneth Paltrow stops being a charming, believable strong woman to being helpless, scared damsel in distress, and the plot turns from cool to downright silly.  It is really disappointing because I almost feel bad for enjoying the first half of the movie so much when the end is so generic and cheesy.

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  • schmichael says:

    Paltrow did suddenly become helpless didn’t she? Thats really sad because her character was so great for the first half!

    **spoiler alert**

    I still loved the movie though. The Dude makes an excellent villian even if its a stereotypical one. I mean this is a comic book movie. I don’t expect expect much stereotype breaking.

    I thought it was a really fun movie and it felt like a classic comic book complete with silly humor, ridiculous villians, and flashy technology. I got everything I wanted from it. 🙂

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