The Sarah Jane Adventures

I watched part of the first episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures when it was on SciFi this weekend.  Why? Because I’m a sucker for Doctor Who.  My first (and probably last) impressions are that it’s really good for an early teens show.  It’s a little bit darker than I thought it would be.  At the end of the day, though, it’s still an early teens show and I probably won’t spend too much time watching it.

Good news is… season (sorry, “series”) four of Doctor Who has just started, so I can soon get more of my man-crush, David Tennant.

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  • Greg Langston says:

    I totally agree about Doctor Who. It’s a great show and I wish I had caught it sooner… I’m trying to find the first season’s episodes. I’m trying to find something to replace techtv since they became g4. Any thoughts?

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