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Trafalgar Square

So here I have been in London for five days and I haven’t even written a decent blog post about it yet.  There’s just so much to talk about!  Julie and I are having a fantastic time.  The folks at MOO are just as cool as you’d think.  Today, they let us take part in their Easter egg hunt.  Sadly, between Julie and I, we only found a fourth as many eggs as the winner, so we did not get to take the giant chocolate egg home with us.  Alas.  After work, they invited me to go to a pub (an actual English pub!) with them.  I had to leave earlier than I would have liked (it was fun hanging out and I hope to get to know them a bit better next week), because we went to the awesome Jonathan Coulton show up in Camden tonight.  Look for videos on YouTube, they should be up soon.

Going backwards in time, I took an evening stroll through an historic part of the city the other night.  It was quite a bit of walking, but coming up out of the Underground into Trafalgar Square was breathtaking. Everything I had seen so far was basically a modern city with some old brick and crazy streets.  I suddenly felt like I was in an old city (in fact, I am).  From there, we walked down to the Palace of Westminster.  We walked right past Downing Street, but didn’t realize it until we had already passed.  From there, we walked around Westminster Abbey and up to Buckingham Palace.  We’re going to see more of some of these places and I’ll keep you updated.  Tomorrow, it’s off to the Tower of London, the Tate Modern and Shakespeare’s Globe!

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