Movies for the week of 2/22

Vantage Point

This movie looked like it had potential.  With a 25% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, I doubt it will live up to its trailer.  Its major story telling gimmick (five points of view for 15 minutes each) is probably going to become majorly cumbersome, frustrating and ultimately the downfall of this movie.  Sorry, Dennis Quaid, I don’t think I’ll be going to see your movie.  We can still be friends.

Charlie Bartlett

Blech.  A quirky movie about an independent spirit in a high school where he has to learn how to fit in… you’re probably much better off spending your $10 on buying some popcorn and renting Rushmore.  Seriously, mix Jason Schwarzman from Rushmore with Ferris Beuler and add some anti-depressants and you’ll have Charlie Bartlett.

Be Kind Rewind

OMFG!  How did I not hear about this movie until about 2 weeks ago?  If you haven’t yet, go watch the official trailer and then watch this trailer.  I am going to see this as soon as possible (tomorrow if the roads aren’t covered in a few inches of ice).

Witless Protection

Somehow, mediocre Daniel Whitney became famous when he stopped wearing button-down shirts and started cutting off his sleeves and talking like a redneck and took on the persona of Larry the Cable Guy.   Now he’s making movies with Jenna McCarthy.  Classy.  I can only hope that this movie will fail quickly so that they won’t spend any more money publicizing it.

The Signal

Another movie told from several point of views, one at a time?  To be fair to Vantage Point, this movie looks about a hundred times crappier.  In case you haven’t heard about it (I hadn’t until today), The Signal is about a mysterious sound coming out of everyone’s television that compels them to kill.  Sounds awesome.  The trailer’s most positive quote is from “Ain’t It Cool News,” the biggest, smelliest, blindest fanboys in the world. Make a horror or sci-fi movie and they’ll be clamoring over you like LARPers who just spotted Liv Tyler.

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