YouTube – Hooked on a feeling

I just had to revisit this.


  • WOW.

    There is just so much to say about this video.

    Surely Hasselhoff has been diagnosed with some mental illness. I wonder if it is documented anywhere.

    This is also proof that there need to be more lawsuits against Microsoft. Obviously Windows Movie Maker needs to be a controlled substance. It shouldn’t be available to the masses, and this video is Exhibit A.

    Finally, he put a large plastic fish in his mouth.

  • xadrian says:

    It’s kinda sad. I’ve seen this a lot and one thing that always strikes me is that at this point the Hoff was a good lookin’ dude with a decent voice. He had to know that he was making a silly-ass video, which means The Hoff wants to be Bruce Campbell.

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