New (kinda) mini posts

I’ve been drooling over the functionality provided by tumblelogs.  The idea of posting short little blurbs, quick videos, images, quotes… it’s like Twitter for people with slightly longer attention spans.  I thought about setting one up as several geeks of some standing in the web industry have done.  Then I realized, I already have a blog, why should I create another page that people have to track if they want to see my thoughts.  This is in keeping with the reason that I pull my tweets into this blog.

That’s the other thing.  I already have a place that I post most of my quick little thoughts and they’re already coming into my blog.  After a little digging, I found a very useful plugin called QuickPost that can bring one of the most useful parts of Tumblr’s functionality in to my WordPress blog.  For short text blurbs, you may notice that I stole the design idea from Matt.  I’m saving tons of vertical scroll space by compacting the bits of text into one or two line segments.

If you have any comments about this new design feature, let me know.  I haven’t decided whether I want video and photo “quick posts” to share the same design as the text posts.  That left bar looks kinda weird on videos and photos.

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