Vista FTW

So last night I hooked up this old PCI RAID controller card in my computer.  Basically, I am using it because my motherboard only comes with one ATA/IDE channel (replacing it with a bunch of superior SATA channels).  I have a bunch of old IDE hard drives sitting around with reasonably high capacity, so now I’ve got two extra channels.

Now of course, Vista doesn’t have drivers for a card that could be around 10 years old.  After I installed the hardware, it searched my computer for drivers.  Not finding any, it said that the install failed.  I figured I’d have to throw the drives into a headless linux box I have under my desk.  A few minutes later, however, Vista said, “Hey, remember that card you tried to install?”  It helpfully provided a direct link to the Vista drivers on the manufacturer’s website.  I didn’t even know what the card was called until that window came up as I snagged it out of an old junker computer.  Now it works great.

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