Dragon Wars

I’m calling it right now… “Comedy of the Year”.

Seriously.  This movie is hilarious.  It takes place in Los Angeles, but it’s obvious that the director knows nothing about the USA that he didn’t learn from watching bad American movies.  He also doesn’t seem to realize that the legal drinking age in the US is 21, not 19 like it is in South Korea, his native land.  I don’t know about Los Angeles, but in many US cities, the enforcement of the drinking age is incredibly strict.

I knew, going in, that the director is kind of a bigot.  He made statements that his movie is better than Lord of the Rings because that was shot in the country side while Dragon Wars was shot in the middle of Los Angeles.  Apparently, in South Korea, anything to do with the countryside is looked down upon.  Also, I learned from the movie that all black men have guns.  The sassy black camera man keeps one in his glove compartment and the black FBI agent keeps his shotgun in the conference room.

Another highlight of the film was the homeless man who yells, “You lousy bum!” to an ambulance that drives through a puddle and splashes him.  That’s right, this character was in the movie for about 10 seconds so that he could make a joke about the homeless.

I won’t even explain the plot of the movie because it is just too silly.  Suffice it to say that it will fulfill my need for giant lizards with rocket launchers until the next Jurassic Park movie comes out.  Also, I don’t think I’ve seen enough stuff ripped off from Lord of the Rings for quite some time.

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