Recent Movie Roundup

I’ve seen a bunch of movies recently but haven’t gotten around to writing about any of them, so I’m just going to write about the in one big post


Probably the biggest problem that this movie has is that it takes a little while before you realize that the movie is funny. It doesn’t really get silly until a little while in, so it’s a little jarring. Once it gets funny, though, it’s wonderful. I highly recommend it. I haven’t read any of Neil Gaiman’s books, but this movie really makes me want to start, this and his blog.

Eagle vs. Shark

Jermaine Clement (of The Flight of the Conchords) stars in this quirky New Zealand romantic comedy. The trailers make it look like it’s a Napoleon Dynamite rip-off, but it’s really good and aside from having anti-social characters, isn’t really that much like Napoleon Dynamite (or so I’ve been told).


I have never been so scared of space/the sun/naked people/light/dark/cold/heat/small enclosed spaces. Danny Boyle (director of 28 Days Later) makes an amazing science fiction thriller. This is easily the best science fiction movie I’ve seen since Children of Men. It’s premise is a little bit silly, but it, like science fiction of the golden age uses a simple premise so that it can explore aspects of human nature.

The Last Legion

This movie is based on a novel that is a fictional account of the origins of King Arthur and the sword Excalibur. It is unsubtle, predictable, unrealistic and hilarious. Why is Sir Ben Kingsley in this?


Speaking of hilarious… This movie was in the theater for about a week. Imagine werewolves that look like they’re right out of that live action Beauty and the Beast from the mid-nineties. The main premise of this fine film is that the good werewolves have been waiting for a human/werewolf half-breed for a very long time. This begs the obvious question, why didn’t they just start getting it on with everyone they could? Why didn’t they visit sperm banks or donate their eggs? If they had just spread the seed, so to speak, they would have had a half-breed a long time before, and the bad werewolves couldn’t have killed that many.

Flight of the Navigator

God bless this movie. It was on television. I had forgotten how awesome it was.

Solar Attack

The sun attacks earth with huge coronal mass ejections which all manage to hit the earth at the same time and ignite the methane layer (according to the movie, it’s right under the ozone layer). “The Chairman” from Iron Chef America warned us all, but we didn’t listen. Good thing he knew a Russian submarine captain who could nuke the polar ice caps to produce enough water vapor to put out the fires (I’m not making this up).

Total Recall

Julie had never seen this movie. I had only seen the censored television version. It was a lot bloodier and cursier than I remembered. It definitely had the best prosthetics that 1990 had to offer.


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