Spirited Debate

There’s a very long thread on the WordPress hackers mailing list right now.  If you’ve upgraded to a recent version of WordPress, you have probably noticed that you don’t have a “links” menu anymore, you’ve got a “blogroll.”  What the heck is a blogroll, you might ask.  Well, a blogroll (in this case) is a bunch of links.  No one really on the mailing list really likes this term, some people think that the term “links” should be used, and some people think that the term “bookmarks” should be used.  Someone setup a poll, so if you have any reaction to these terms, go vote to let yourself be heard.  The list is specifically looking for the opinions of normal people, especially every day WordPress users.

Links or Bookmarks?


  • xadrian says:

    Hasn’t it been “blogroll” for a couple years now? I don’t use WordPress since my ISP gave me such headaches with port redirects, so I may not be in a position to debate effectively.

  • Dan says:

    As of version 2.0, at least, it was using the “Links” terminology in the admin menus.

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