Our New House and a new blog feature

As many of the people who visit this blog know, Julie and I are moving into a new (rental) house.  This house was remodeled at some point and was given a really nice modern interior.  There are things, however, that baffle me.  I’m going to start blogging these things as I come across them/have to deal with them.

In the dining area, there is a small light fixture that hasn’t worked since we got the keys.  We assumed it was burnt out.  Tonight, I was headed to Wal-mart, so I thought that I would check to see what kind of light bulb it would take.

Sometimes in movies, you’ll be watching a dream sequence where a character opens a door or looks through a small hole and there is something that shouldn’t be there.  They’ll look through and see a dessert, or the depths of space, or an ocean.  This is how I felt.

As I unscrewed the knob in the center of the light fixture, water started pouring out onto my head.  My first thought was that I had opened a door from which an immense amount of water would come rushing out.   In fact, it was perhaps two fluid ounces of rusty yellow water.  Smelling it revealed it to just be rust from the bolt coming down the center of the light fixture.  There is no visible water damage around the ceiling and there should be no water pipes above that light.  Hopefully it isn’t a leak in the roof.

Solution: called Rick about it.

Expect more next week as I start moving my crap into the house.  For now… I’m headed to Florida for fun in the sun, I mean… a conference.

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