Trying Feisty on for size

I’ve installed Feisty on my desktop at work. For now, I am going to have both Feisty and Windows Vista on the machine, so that I can evaluate which one will work better for my needs. I was already using VMWare for some of my applications which need to run on XP, so I’m not losing that much functionality.

I’ve gotten it installed and so far I’ve mostly been frustrated by trying to get 3D acceleration and dual monitor support to work at the same time.  As it stands, you couldn’t ask a standard user to be able to figure out how to do something as simple as running dual monitors.  It took me quite a while to track down the best way to do it with my video card and that method disabled my 3D window effects.  I’m now running a script provided by Beryl that will hopefully not mess everything else up that I’ve accomplished.

One Comment

  • Dual monitors is a pain. Honestly I haven’t even tried it with my laptop yet.

    With open source drivers use Xinerama or maybe Xrandr… or probably both.

    I only mess around with dual monitors on my desktop which uses ATI’s proprietary drivers. It has a nice GUI app for setting up dual monitors, split screens or mirroring, etc.

    I think nVidia has a similar GUI for its proprietary drivers, but like I said: I haven’t messed with it.

    Window’s Display Settings control panel applet wins. 🙁

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