Is OpenOffice in trouble?

With Google’s announcement of an upcoming Powerpoint-esque web application, is there any reason I’d ever want to use OpenOffice? I value the collaboration and constant availability from any web-enabled computer much higher than I value being able to use a slightly clunky desktop application.

As far as I’m concerned, Microsoft Office has Open Office beat hands down for usability, especially in some of the secondary apps like the presentation software. I gave Open Office the benefit of the doubt when I started teaching last semester, but I couldn’t stand using it to create my presentations. Powerpoint 2007 turned out to be much better. Obviously, Open Office beats Microsoft’s price, and I’m never going to go out and buy it for myself, but I don’t know if I’ll ever have a reason to install Open Office again with Google Docs/Apps.

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  • I’m always excited about new competition in the Office suite space.

    I’ve never had a problem with OpenOffice’s presentation app, but then again I never did much with presentations. Insert an image and maybe a couple bullet points and I’m done. Besides export to PDF & Flash, I really don’t use any features that weren’t present in PowerPoint 97.

    I never messed with embedding videos, which might have been useful. Google should be able to easily accomplish by pulling in Google/YouTube videos.

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