Verka Serdyuchka: Troublemaker

Verka Serdyuchka

If you watched the Eurovision videos that I posted a few days ago, you probably saw the amazing hypnotic video from the Ukraine. It turns out that while Verka Serdyuchka won the contest to go on to Eurovision by a huge majority in the popular vote, not everyone in the Ukraine is pleased that this drag queen is representing her country.

From the BBC Article:

Verka Serdyuchka, who pokes fun at middle-aged women, is loved by many people and is a cult icon in Ukraine.

She was chosen as Ukraine’s entry by an overwhelming majority in a public vote, but some find her vulgar and offensive.

Many opponents are outraged at her selection to represent Ukraine.

Ukrainian nationalists held demonstrations across the country on Sunday.

They put on theatrical shows and collected signatures for a petition.

They claim that Serdyuchka is a grotesque stereotype of a stupid Ukrainian villager.

Who knew that a drag queen could cause so much controversy?


  • megan says:

    i think the reports on Verka Serdyucha are mean. i am going from site to site to stick up for her. because the ukaranians may aswell say “we dont like drag queens” and that is ridiculous. i think people are too absorbed in things like big brother fights, money, and overall helping themselves out. Eurovison is a fake. People know that the countries arent going to vote on the singers. they’ll vote on the relationship with the other country. I think whatever you want to be go for it. Wheter is straight gay or bi, you should stick with your hearts choice.
    There is too much conflict in the world for people to realise. who cares what you are or what you look like. you could be a hobo living on the streets in rags, but you could be the nicest person in the world. just give others a chance!
    megan, 12.

  • Pavel says:

    I think that she rocks,im not fond of the Ukrainian music but the Russian music she makes is the best. Verka is the best leave her alone

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