Goodbye Ars Technica

I am finally removing Ars Technica from my feed reader. The reason for this is pure and simple, incomplete articles in the RSS feed. In fact, they don’t even include a snippet. All they have is a one sentence abstract/teaser. It reminds me of TV news stations that have commercials that say, “Will your applesauce kill you? Find out at 9.”

If you don’t have your full content in your RSS feed, you’ve better give me a pretty durn compelling reason to keep subscribing. I keep the PVP feed, even though they don’t include the comic because I really enjoy reading his comics and want to know when they come out. I am eternally grateful for xckd and Questionable Content, however, because they include the comic image in the feed.

As I see it, the only sites that should include only partial feeds are news aggregation sites. For example, Techmeme gets away with it because all that they post on their site is the snippet and they’re driving you to the other site anyway. So I guess if Ars Technica wants to get my traffic they’ll have to get Techmeme’s attention.

One Comment

  • I don’t mind snippets, and actually prefer them for news sites. I want to be able to skim my feeds in seconds and only read the full articles for the 1% of the news I actually care to read about.

    For the rest, a 2-3 sentence snippet is more than enough. (Google Reader’s List View is nice, but usually a bit too concise for my taste.)

    I hate to see you drop Ars which I consider easily the best tech news site around. They actually write original content and do original research unlike the press-release-reprinters at major news outlets.

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