Vista Uptime Update

I’m going to reboot my computer later today or tomorrow to apply an update that provides better compatibility with a bunch of applications.  40 days is a pretty good milestone to reach between reboots.



  • My Linux mail server is up to 25, but will have to be powered down soon to attach a UPS. It would have more uptime if not for the UPS dying and rebooting the server periodically!

    An old XP machine we use as a backup “server” has been up 33 days with no signs of slowing down. I think its even up to date on patches somehow…

    However my Linux workstation can’t seem to go a week without my wonderful proprietary ATI drivers locking it up solid. Luckily it only does this when I’m logging out, so no harm done. Thanks for the crappy drivers ATI! My old Linux box with an NVIDIA card and drivers never locked up… grr…

  • Kyle Smith says:

    40 Days is pretty impressive. Vista seems pretty stable, overall.

  • peter l says:

    Lol, for a normal and avarage user, the windows uptime is not comparable to other systems. Xp for example after a day was so slow, after 2 it crashed by itself, any app you started got blocked very soon. Windows has pagefile, that sucks because its on the same drive, and as a file.

  • andy says:

    there are memory defragment tools, that cure consequences not the real reason (pagefile) causing system to became very slow after a while. Turning it off helps to reach uptimes

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