phpFlickr web site

Yesterday, I updated my Flickr API class with version 1.2. I created and launched a new website to release updates. You can go to From there you can sign up for an RSS feed or find links to downloads and information.


  • Muskie says:

    The phpFlickr website is long gone and an email was sent to me informing me the API has changed, looks like I or someone else may have to update the code if you’ve moved on.


  • Dan says:

    Actually, the phpFlickr website was taken offline a day or two ago by my ISP because WordPress was using a lot of resources.

    I am going to work on an update for the changes in the Flickr API and publish it to GitHub by the end of the month. I’ll most likely redirect the domain to that GitHub page rather than maintain a full website for the project.

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