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This weekend, I got engaged to my girlfriend, Julie. We’re thinking about getting married in October. If you want to know how I proposed, it involved a skull clown and at least one picture of Tom Selleck.

After all…how could she turn down the most important Dan Coulter in the world?


  • Dan,

    Well, Brent and I had some sneaking suspicions. He figured something was brewing soon when you started sending him those links of pictures of rings! 🙂 I must say that we are darned happy for you and Julie. You did a pretty good job of keeping it incognito (for the most part!) but we are just bursting with happiness for you two. Congratulations, friends!

    Summer (& Brent!)

  • Hanni says:


  • johnalan says:

    first – congrats
    second – I am the only person that thinks its’s odd that one of the next Dan Coulters on google has a wife named Julie?

  • Aunt Genny says:

    Daniel and Julie,

    Congratulations from Aunt Genny. Julie, welcome to the family ! I expect I met you at the Christmas open house.

    Best wishes ! Let us know as soon as you have a date for the wedding.


  • Wolfo says:

    Somewhere high up above, Tom Selleck’s moustache looks on.

  • Sarah says:

    Hey Hey hey Dan congrats on you and Julie getting married! Its a very exciting time and I’m so very happy for the both of you!

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