Woot + Seattle + Me = :D

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Before this post, I had blogged once this year on this blog. That was an announcement that I was taking a job at a great web agency called The Loud Few.  At that time, I promised I would blog more and, while I haven’t kept that promise so far, here’s a second blog post for you. This time, with even bigger news. You may have heard it already, but I wanted to put up an official post.

Starting on September 6th, I’m going to be joining the team at Woot. Yes, that Woot. I’m super excited to get started there. Of course, since their software team is located in Seattle, I am going to have to (read: get to finally) relocate up there. I’ve loved Seattle ever since my first visit 15 years ago. The city, the climate and the countryside are all extremely appealing to me.  Another bonus is that I’m going to be relatively close to the large grouping of friends who moved to Portland after college.

Of course, it’ll be sad to move away from all the people and places around the greater St. Louis area, but we will definitely be back to visit. I will also try to keep this blog up to date on stuff going on with us  in Seattle.

I can’t believe I’m moving to the city of PAX the weekend after PAX. Nooooooo!

A Louder Chapter

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Almost eight years ago, I started my first “real” job. At the time, I was joining the Information Technology department at Greenville College.  Working there has been a great experience with lots of great people.

This weekend, I decided that it was finally time to move on from that job and accepted a position as Senior PHP Developer at The Loud Few, a great web marketing and development firm in downtown St Louis (literally a block away from the City Museum, happiest place on earth).  While I will definitely miss working with everyone at the college, I know that I will face exciting new challenges when I start at The Loud Few in a couple of weeks.

For now, I guess I’ll have to finally unpack those boxes I brought with me when we moved to our new offices a few years ago.

P.S. Yes, I realize that this is my first post in a year.  I’ll do better this year, I promise.

Our waiter is wearing an anti-…

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Our waiter is wearing an anti-provel shirt #bestpizzaplaceever

I am at Obama’s favorite pizza…

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I am at Obama’s favorite pizza restaurant. I haven’t goten my food but it might already be my new favorite.

I think they just blew up Toro…

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I think they just blew up Toronto #olympics #mushroomcloud

When did Tron become an Olympi…

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When did Tron become an Olympic event? #olympics

PRO TIP: Never show real snowb…

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PRO TIP: Never show real snowboarding/skiing behind your fake snowboarding/skiing #olympics

Little known fact: Canada’s gr…

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Little known fact: Canada’s gravity is actually much lower than the United States’ gravity #olympics

Brian Adams forgot that he was…

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Brian Adams forgot that he was supposed to be singing.

The St Louis Zoo may start cha…

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The St Louis Zoo may start charging for people living outside the city/county. Lots of families won’t be able to afford it if that happens